One of the companies within the holding «Agro lnvest» is working actively within the national program on development of agriculture in Russia. The company is restoring and developing cattle-breeding farms and sown areas in Volgograd and Volgograd region. The holding company has invested within the recent years more than 20 million USD just in development agricultural projects in Volgograd region.
At the present moment our agro holding company has a sufficient and successful agricultural projects implementation experience:
■■ Available agricultural land with sown area more than 35 000 hectares of grain crops used for production of forage. Availability of own forage reserve is one of the cattle breeding competitive power guar­antees.
■■ 2 operating agro complexes in Volgograd region practicing plant growing, milk and meat cattle breeding. «Agro lnvest» company has deep investment plans to increase its activities and accomplish agri­cultural projects. The total evaluated amount of investments is about 370 million USD for the period of up to 10 years to be used for:
■■ Reconstruction of cattle breeding complex with an application of new feeding technologies and purchase of the equipment; two already operating complexes in Volgograd region are to be used as a base for the project.
■■ Construction of new cattle breeding farm in Volgograd region - meat breed bull-calves and heifers. The target is to reach the total num­bers of heads - 10 000 by 2014 and supply market with meat breed pedigree cattle up to 2 000 heads a year. Development of a dairy farm with 1 800 heads capacity in Volgograd region. The project implies purchase of stock keeping equipment and milking facilities as well pedigree heifers - 1 200 heads.
■■ Construction of new swine breeding complex with slaughtering, deboning and processing facilities as well of a warehouse logistics center in Volgograd region. The complex is planned for 120 000 heads to be fatten­ing per year and processed with an annual production volume of 12 000 tons of live weiqht.