Meat packing

Meat packing

Volgograd meat packing and processing plant is equipped with up to date production facilities with a production capacity of 30 000 tons of ready products per annum (more than 300 items of meat products). The total area of production facilities is more than 33 000 sq. m. The plant infrastructure is comprised of production facilities, warehouses, cold stores, slaughter floor. All production procedures of Volgograd meat packing plant are certified in conformity with ISO 9001 -2001 stan­dards. Reconstruction and renovation of the plant is taking place and will be accomplished soon to reach higher level standards.

A part of sales system of the plant besides supplies to the local stores and chains is a retail chain of our own in Volgograd and Volgograd region (more than 80 outlets) selling meat products and foodstuffs.
Apart from established sales channels we have besides two operating companies providing logistics and distribution services for the above mentioned units of our holding company - distribution fleet with 120 trucks.

Volgograd meat packing and processing plant is one of the biggest suppliers of various meat items: delicatessen, boiled, smoked sausages and semi-finished products, chilled meat in the region of Volgograd. All the items are produced under the brand «Tsar Product» being actively promoted all over Russia. Meat production of the plant is much in demand in Volgograd and Volgograd region as well in other regions of the country. «Tsar Product» meats are being sold in major Russian cities: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Samara.

A new cold store and warehouse logistics center is planned to be built in Moscow region with a capacity to process 10 000 tons of cargo per month. More vehicles will be bought to increase the fleet for matching the growing production and distribution volumes.
By September 2010 an aggregated sales volume of the holding com­pany is more than 200 million USD. The total number of employees is 2 000 people. The aggregated sales volume of the group of our compa­nies in 2009 was more than 300 million USD.
Improving of sales management system, costs reduction and maximiz­ing efficiency of the activities will assist our holding company to prove its firmness under the current unstable conditions, save its market share and fix the leading positions as well to become one of the best Russian agro industrial companies.